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Local Cuisine

Dominica seduces your senses with her natural beauty, incredible sunsets and vibrant nightlife as well as a wonderful selection of restaurants that will satisfy food lovers from all over the world.

100% Pleasure

Wine Tasting & Drinking

The cultivation of wine began over 500 years ago with Hernan Cortes.  Today the wine production in Mexico is gaining importance nationally and internationally.In Mexico, there are seven main estates where wine production is carried out.

Fun & Pleasure


Tequila is a regional distilled alcoholic drink made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila,  and in the Jaliscan Highlands of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.

Lime, Salt & Fun


Beer in Mexico has a long history. From  Mesoamerican time and the arrival of the Spanish, European style beer was introduced and Mexicans have been brewing beer for centuries and is one of the world’s top beer-producing countries.

Learning to Cook Regional Delights

Attending a local cooking school is the best way to learn the local cuisine and Dominica serves as a key location for cooking schools and food preparation here. Foodies who choose to mix learning with pleasure in Dominica often find this to be a great chance to meet new friends and interact with locals.

The Basics: Seafood
Fresh seafood abounds in Loreto, with all the usual suspects making an appearance: sandwiches out of beach-side shacks, grilled fish platters and plenty of ceviche. Regional ceviche has its own unique flavor acquired by the unconventional splash of orange soda or juice and sprinkling of tomatoes. Loreto also has two seafood dishes that are distinct to the region: Pescado a la Talla is the most well-known regional specialty, a grilled snapper that has been marinated in spices and chiles. Vuelve a la vida or “return to life” in English, is the perfect hangover cure that locals swear by. It’s essentially a seafood cocktail served in a chilled goblet with a side of saltine crackers and sliced avocado. A vuelve a la vida usually contains some combination of shrimp, raw clams and oysters, squid and ceviche doused in tomato juice, ketchup and a spicy salsa.

If you are a foodie, you should definitely try out the gourmet food that Loreto has to offer. You will be happy to know that there is a seemingly endless choice of tempting cuisines. However, you will also be able to enjoy some international dishes in the local restaurants that offer everything, from casual options to fast foods. The local cuisine is actually centered on the ingredients which are secured from the sea.

With the help of the perfectly seasoned and fresh products, the city will offer, various kinds of dishes which you should not miss. Here is a list of the most popular foods to try during you visit Loreto.

Dominica Cuisine


In Loreto, you can enjoy two types of pozole: white and green. White pozole is the kind you can find just about anywhere in Mexico; it’s prepared with chicken or pork, heirloom corn, vegetables and tortilla chips. Green pozole, has pumpkin seed sauce and green tomatoes added. The steaming hot soup is usually served in a clay bowl and is the perfect meal for a rainy afternoon on the coast.

Sopa de Albóndigas

Albondigas soup is a traditional Mexican meatball soup (“albondigas” means “meatballs” in Spanish) that my mother has cooked for our family for more than 50 years. It is our version of comfort food. A simple soup base is made with sautéed onions, garlic, broth, and tomatoes.


The delicious tamales have a special flavor that makes for a unique dining experience. They often consist of black mole with pork, chicken or green beans and squash blossoms wrapped in a banana leaf that gives them a more smooth and solid consistency. You can also enjoy bean tamales covered with green pumpkin seed mole or tamales made from fresh pumpkin.


Loreto is a sea-side town, fresh seafood is something that can easily be enjoyed during your visit. Ceviche is prepared by cooking pieces of fish that were dipped in lemon juice for at least one night before draining the mixture and adding onion, fresh lemon juice, diced avocado, cilantro, olive oil, olives and chili.

Pescado a la Talla

Loreto is full of coconut and tamarind trees, and as a result, there are various recipes that have been created using the fruits. Some of the treats that are peddled on the beach and everywhere in between include tamarind pulp mixed with sugar, jamoncillo, a nutty kind of fudge, baked coconut candy and coconut ice cream.

Vuelve a la Vida

Vuelve a la vida or “return to life” in English, is the perfect hangover cure that locals swear by. It’s essentially a seafood cocktail served in a chilled goblet with a side of saltine crackers and sliced avocado. A vuelve a la vida usually contains some combination of shrimp, raw clams and oysters, squid and ceviche doused in tomato juice, ketchup and a spicy salsa.

Mexican Chocolate Clam

This is a kind of clam which is prepared in a unique fashion. It is roasted on the stone bed and it is covered with rosemary that ads a special flavor to the clams.

The Mexican chocolate clam is something that you should try out on your next visit to Loreto.

Shrimp and Fish Tacos

Shrimp and fish tacos are known to be the classic meals of Loreto. There are a wide range of local specified, special seasoning, and freshness of the catch that combine to make the tacos a memorable meal during your visit. Small pieces of shrimp and battered fish are placed on the corn tortilla with tasty coleslaw, salsa, and vegetables for some extra flavors.

Smoked Marlin

As marlin is the most common species that you will come across in this area, people here prepare in many different ways. Nonetheless, most of the times, it is shredded and smoked so that it is well-preserved. As a matter of fact, it also helps in enhancing the flavors. The meat is delicious when it served with cheese and vegetables on the corn tortilla.

Comida de Pobres

This dish is also called the poor man’s food. However, you should not be deceived by its name. This is a popular food item. It is simple but extremely delicious. The item actually contains exquisite soup made from seafood along with the Mexican beans and rice accompanied with flour tortillas.

Guemes and Fajados Chicken Tamales

Guemes Tamales is considered to be a tradition all throughout peninsula of Baja Peninsula. It is actually made from pork or chicken, olives, raisins, and olive oil. The Fadados are basically chicken tamales and is the traditional food of Cabo San Lucas. It is prepared with delicious seasoning, stewed chicken, and corn dough prior to being wrapped in the corn husk.


This is also called the dragon fruit. It is the traditional miracles treat. There is ample pitahaya because of the unique climate and flora of the area. This is actually a cactus fruit which grows in the desert regions. It is used for making jellied candies, jams, crystallized pitahayas, and marzipan.

Famous Loreto Drinks

A well-known drink is Damiana liqueur. This is made from the plant with the same name and combines with cane alcohol, sugar, and water. It is usually prepared with indigenous Guaycrua for various ceremonies. This is actually digestive liquor. As a matter of fact, it is also known to be a relaxing aphrodisiac.

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Activities & Adventures

Explore Your Adventure Destination

Your vacation in Dominica is sure to consist of plenty of fun and excitement, but how about adding a touch of adventure as well? For those who can’t shake that adrenaline bug, consider booking exciting excursions, such as zip-lining, setting sail on a catamaran cruise or snorkeling and diving, to make the most out of your destination.

Sun and Sand

Beach, Swimming & Sunbathing


The island of Dominica in the Caribbean has it all. Dominica is known for her mixture of rugged, dark sandy beaches and classic white-sand Caribbean beaches.



Mero Beach is Dominica’s most popular beach thanks to its proximity to the island’s capital city of Roseau. The busy beach is packed with bars, music and tasty restaurants.


Douglas Bay is one of the best beaches in Dominica due to it’s stunning, white sand beach that’s part of Cabrits National Park.


Weddings, Honeymoons & More 


Celebrate your romance with a destination wedding in Dominica. Romantic weddings on a sand beach, rich sunsets and some of the most beautiful bays in the world are the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding.


Your bachelorette/bachelor party can be the most fun you’ve had in years! With a bit of planning  beforehand, Dominica is the perfect spot to plan such an adventure.


Your honeymoon is sure to consist of plenty of romance, and Dominica is the honeymoon destination. From quiet privacy to all out partying, Dominica has something for every honeymooner.

Renewal of Vows

A rededication to your marriage is an exciting thing – you can do it as often as you like. With vow renewals (or reaffirmations) you have the opportunity to have the ceremony you’ve always wanted.

On the Sea

SUP, Sea Kayak & Sailing


Paddle boarding is undoubtedly a great way to get in contact with the land and marine environment in Dominica. Easy to learn and a sure way to have great fun in the Caribbean Sea.

Sea Kayaking

Dominica’s pristine fresh waterways and the tranquil Caribbean Sea make kayaking an ideal way to explore Dominica. With over 365 rivers, there is a river for every day.


Sea breezes and  the most beautiful beaches in the world. Dominica is the perfect exotic location for sailing and learning to sail. Bask in the sun and enjoy the unbelievable sunsets.

In the Sea

Snorkel & Scuba Diving


Considered one of the top ten countries for snorkeling in the world, the crystal-clear waters of Dominica offer an incredible experience for novice and expert alike.


Explore the depths among the colorful coral reefs that are home to anemones, eels, giant stingrays, sharks and turtles.
If you bring the whole family, try snorkeling in shallow water perfect for the little ones.

Fishing the Sea

Deep Sea, Shore & Lake


If you love sportfishing then we have the trip for you! Troll for sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, wahoo and dorado in the teeming waters of the Caribbean Sea!

Deep Sea

Big attraction for anglers heading to Dominica is unquestionably saltwater fishing. Thanks to her fantastic deep waters surrounding the coastlines, sport fishing for highly sought after big game species is incredibly popular.


Surf fishing and fly fishing are great alternatives here too—cast your line from the beach and see what you can catch. This is an especially popular pastime early in the mornings and a great way to spend time with the family.


Surf fishing and fly fishing are great alternatives here too—cast your line from the beach and see what you can catch. This is an especially popular pastime early in the mornings and a great way to spend time with the family.

Golf by the Sea

Golfing Experiences


Don’t let the prospect of no golf on Dominica turn you away. Go, explore the island, soak in the sun, and relax. Who knows, you may just enjoy your time away from the links with the many activities and attraction Dominica offers.

On Land

Horses, Hiking, Biking, ATV

On Horseback

Explore the rain forest on horseback. Rainforest Riding Dominica offers rides on the Waitukubuli National Trails through the Cabrits National Park, as well as rides on the beach.

Hiking & Biking

Mountain bike and hiking tours led by local guides—a great choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Ride and hike along scenic trails through forested areas, river beds and jungle trails.

Off Road

Rugged mountain terrain and hidden treasures, create the perfect setting for an off-road  adventure. Drive your own ATV through countryside full of surprises and new adventures.


Live the Lifestyle


Looking for Lifestyle Options? When considering Dominica as a place to live or retire, the knowledge we share will help you to create a plan, and we’ll connect you with useful lifestyle services and property choices.


Many consider Dominica for their retirement home. With recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and a modern infrastructure, stable electrical grid and high-speed internet.


Variety of lifestyles, from resorts, condos and other full-time housing—it’s a perfect place for those seeking an “always on vacation” lifestyle. Dominica has everything you need and more, affordability, healthcare, safety, culture and cuisine.

Real Estate

Finding the Right Investment

Real Estate

Opportunities for real estate investment exist in Dominica for entrepreneurs. Beachfront and ocean view houses and private land that lie close to the attractive vistas that line the coastline.

Beach Houses

It is always a wonderful idea to set up villas, apartments and other residential units in the vicinity of a stunning ocean, pristine beaches, and picturesque lagoons. The attractiveness of Dominica has always been a magnet that attracts buyers and tenants at any time of the year.


Experience the Culture


 There is no better place to immerse yourself in authentic Caribbean culture than on Dominica. Dominica is a vibrant blend of European and African cultures, with the Caribbean’s only remaining population of pre-Columbian Carib Indians, the Kalinago.


Dominica has been influenced by different cultures over the course of its history. Originally inhabited by Arawak and Kalinago people, colonized by the Europeans and a strong African influence during the 18th century,


Enjoy the Food & Drink 

Food & Drink

Dominica is well known for its varieties of regional and national food and drink. From street food to exquisite culinary delights, paired with regional beverages, beer and rum with long histories and international reputations.


The most popular Dominican drink – Mamajuana. Mamajuana is a potent drink native to the Dominican Republic that is purported to have strong medicinal qualities.


Kubuli is a golden lager brewed in Dominica using the water from Dominica’s own Loubière Springs. The unofficial beer of Dominica, the beer’s name is derived from the Island Caribs name for the island, Wai‘tu kubuli, which means “Tall is her body.”  


The rum shop is often the center of community life. On a small island like Dominica, locally-made brands of rum like Macoucherie (the only one made with local cane), Soca and Red Cap share the market.

Where to Stay

Find the Right Resort


If your idea of recreation is a healthy dose of relaxation, Dominica offers world-class amenities with old Caribbean charm. With unlimited experiences on land, on the sea and in the sea. You choose, Dominica has you covered.


As a traveler in Dominica you can enjoy a full array of spa services, fine regional dining or sunning yourself at the beach or by the pool. Dolphin and whale watching expeditions are an extra special vacation treat not to miss.

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