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Local Cuisine

Curaçao seduces your senses with her natural beauty, incredible sunsets and vibrant nightlife as well as a wonderful selection of restaurants that will satisfy food lovers from all over the world.

100% Pleasure

Wine Tasting & Drinking

The cultivation of wine began over 500 years ago with Hernan Cortes.  Today the wine production in Mexico is gaining importance nationally and internationally.In Mexico, there are seven main estates where wine production is carried out.

Fun & Pleasure


Tequila is a regional distilled alcoholic drink made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila,  and in the Jaliscan Highlands of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.

Lime, Salt & Fun


Beer in Mexico has a long history. From  Mesoamerican time and the arrival of the Spanish, European style beer brewed was introduced and Mexicans have been brewing beer for centuries and is one of the world’s top beer-producing countries.

Learning to Cook Regional Delights

Attending a local cooking school is the best way to learn the local cuisine and Curaçao serves as a key location for cooking schools and food preparation here. Foodies who choose to mix learning with pleasure in Curaçao often find this to be a great chance to meet new friends and interact with locals.

The Basics: Seafood
Fresh seafood abounds in La Paz, with all the usual suspects making an appearance: sandwiches out of beach-side shacks, grilled fish platters and plenty of ceviche. Regional ceviche has its own unique flavor acquired by the unconventional splash of orange soda or juice and sprinkling of tomatoes. Akumal also has two seafood dishes that are distinct to the region: Pescado a la Talla is the most well-known regional specialty, a grilled snapper that has been marinated in spices and chiles. Vuelve a la vida or “return to life” in English, is the perfect hangover cure that locals swear by. It’s essentially a seafood cocktail (think bloody Mary with seafood thrown in) served in a chilled goblet with a side of saltine crackers and sliced avocado. A vuelve a la vida usually contains some combination of shrimp, raw clams and oysters, squid and ceviche doused in tomato juice, ketchup and a spicy salsa.

If you are a foodie, you should definitely try out the gourmet food that La Paz has to offer. You will be happy to know that there is a seemingly endless choice of tempting cuisines. However, you will also be able to enjoy some international dishes in the local restaurants that offer everything, from casual options to fast foods. The local cuisine is actually centered on the ingredients which are secured from the sea.

With the help of the perfectly seasoned and fresh products, the city will offer, various kinds of dishes which you should not miss. Here is a list of the most popular foods to try during you visit La Paz.

Cuisine of Curaçao


In La Paz, you can enjoy two types of pozole: white and green. White pozole is the kind you can find just about anywhere in Mexico; it’s prepared with chicken or pork, heirloom corn, vegetables and tortilla chips. Green pozole, has pumpkin seed sauce and green tomatoes added. The steaming hot soup is usually served in a clay bowl and is the perfect meal for a rainy afternoon on the coast.

Sopa de Albóndigas

Albondigas soup is a traditional Mexican meatball soup (“albondigas” means “meatballs” in Spanish) that my mother has cooked for our family for more than 50 years. It is our version of comfort food. A simple soup base is made with sautéed onions, garlic, broth, and tomatoes.


Since La Paz is a sea-side town, fresh seafood is something that can easily be enjoyed during your visit. Ceviche is prepared by cooking pieces of fish that were dipped in lemon juice for at least one night before draining the mixture and adding onion, fresh lemon juice, diced avocado, cilantro, olive oil, olives and chili.

Pescado a la Talla

La Paz is full of coconut and tamarind trees, and as a result, there are various recipes that have been created using the fruits. Some of the treats that are peddled on the beach and everywhere in between include tamarind pulp mixed with sugar, jamoncillo, a nutty kind of fudge, baked coconut candy and coconut ice cream.

Vuelve a la Vida

Vuelve a la vida or “return to life” in English, is the perfect hangover cure that locals swear by. It’s essentially a seafood cocktail served in a chilled goblet with a side of saltine crackers and sliced avocado. A vuelve a la vida usually contains some combination of shrimp, raw clams and oysters, squid and ceviche doused in tomato juice, ketchup and a spicy salsa.

Mexican Chocolate Clam

This is a kind of clam which is prepared in a unique fashion. It is roasted on the stone bed and it is covered with rosemary that ads a special flavor to the clams.

The Mexican chocolate clam is something that you should try out on your next visit to La Paz.

Shrimp and Fish Tacos

Shrimp and fish tacos are known to be the classic meals of La Paz. There are a wide range of local specified, special seasoning, and freshness of the catch that combine to make the tacos a memorable meal during your visit.

Small pieces of shrimp and battered fish are placed on the corn tortilla with tasty coleslaw, salsa, and vegetables for some extra flavors.

Smoked Marlin

As marlin is the most common species that you will come across in this area, people here prepare in many different ways. Nonetheless, most of the times, it is shredded and smoked so that it is well-preserved. As a matter of fact, it also helps in enhancing the flavors. The meat is pretty delicious when it served with cheese and vegetables on the corn tortilla. It is also served in a marinade along with the crackers, tortillas, and totopos, and the used tacos.

Comida de Pobres

This dish is also called the poor man’s food. However, you should not be deceived by its name. This is a popular food item. It is simple but extremely delicious. The item actually contains exquisite soup made from seafood along with the Mexican beans and rice accompanied with flour tortillas.

Guemes Tamales and Fajados Chicken Tamales

Guemes Tamales is considered to be a tradition all throughout peninsula of Baja Peninsula. It is actually made from pork or chicken, olives, raisins, and olive oil. The Fadados are basically chicken tamales and is the traditional food of La Paz. It is prepared with delicious seasoning, stewed chicken, and corn dough prior to being wrapped in the corn husk.


This is also called the dragon fruit. It is the traditional miracles treat. There is ample pitahaya because of the unique climate and flora of the area. This is actually a cactus fruit which grows in the desert regions. It is used for making jellied candies, jams, crystallized pitahayas, and marzipan.

Famous La Paz Drinks

As per the tradition of La Paz, the meal should accompany Clamato. This is a drink which is made from clam and tomato juice. Another well-known drink is Damiana liqueur. This is made from the plant with the same name and combines with cane alcohol, sugar, and water. It is usually prepared with indigenous Guaycrua for various ceremonies. This is actually digestive liquor. As a matter of fact, it is also known to be a relaxing aphrodisiac.

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Activities & Adventures

Explore Your Destination

Your vacation to Curacao is sure to consist of plenty of fun and excitement, but how about adding a touch of adventure as well? For those who can’t shake that adrenaline bug, consider booking exciting excursions, such as zip-lining, setting sail on a catamaran cruise or snorkeling and diving, to make the most out of your party destination.

Sun and Sand

Beach, Swimming & Sunbathing


Curacao is blessed with some of the most beautiful bays in the world. From beachcombing to swimming and sunbathing, Curacao’s beaches will not disappoint.


Ranked as one of the best getaway beaches in the Caribbean, Curacao is exactly what you think of when you think about a getaway!


The secluded beaches on the western coast of the island are popular for snorkeling and sunbathing. Come and experience the world class beaches.


Weddings, Honeymoons & More 


Celebrate your romance with a destination wedding in Curacao. Romantic weddings on a sugar sand beach, rich sunsets and one of the most beautiful bays in the world are the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding.


Your bachelorette/bachelor party can be the most fun you’ve had in years! With a bit of planning  beforehand, Curacao is the perfect spot to plan such an adventure.


Your honeymoon is sure to consist of plenty of romance and Curacao is the honeymoon destination. From quiet privacy to all out partying, Curacao has something for every honeymooner.

Renewal of Vows

A rededication to your marriage is an exciting thing – you can do it as often as you like. With vow renewals (or reaffirmations) you have the opportunity to have the ceremony you’ve always wanted.

On the Sea

SUP, Sea Kayak & Sailing


Paddle boarding is undoubtedly a great way to get in contact with the marine environment in Curacao. Easy to learn and a great way to have fun in Curacao.

Sea Kayaking

Your kayaking adventure, exploring and paddling in the beautiful bays around Curacao. Visit white sand beaches and uninhabited islands on your treks throught the Caribbean.


Curacao is the perfect exotic location for sailing and learning to sail. Bask in the sun and enjoy the unbelievable sunsets. The island is home to a rich and varied marine life. The surrounding reefs are teeming with sea creatures.

In the Sea

Snorkel & Scuba Diving


Take your friends and family to experience an adventurous and delightful underwater journey. Curacao is known to be the underwater paradise of the Caribbean.


There is an underwater experience for every level. Curacao diving encompasses 40 different dive areas, which cover 65 individual sites. With year-round perfect conditions, the island offers every day a water visibility between 60 to 100 ft with a warm temperature of 80 F. 

Fishing the Sea

Deep Sea, Shore & Lake


Curacao is considered one of the best big game fishing destinations in the Caribbean. The blue warm waters the sea are the playground of the most prized fish you can hook and they come in great numbers.

Deep Sea

Big attraction for anglers heading to Curacao is unquestionably saltwater fishing. Thanks to her fantastic deep waters surrounding the coastlines, sport fishing for highly sought after big game species is incredibly popular.


Surf fishing and fly fishing are great alternatives here too—cast your line from the beach and see what you can catch. This is an especially popular pastime early in the mornings and a great way to spend time with the family.


Surf fishing and fly fishing are great alternatives here too—cast your line from the beach and see what you can catch. This is an especially popular pastime early in the mornings and a great way to spend time with the family.

Golf by the Sea

Golfing Experiences


Old Quarry Golf Course Curacao 18-hole golf course voted Best Caribbean Golf Course by USA Today in 2018 and 2019. Relax and enjoy the experience of the breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean.


Whether you are looking for a championship course, a golf resort or a quick game you are definitely going to find what you are looking for in Curacao.

On Land

Horses, Hiking, Biking, ATV

On Horseback

For a unique island experience, try horseback riding with Criadero El hijo de David, located at Seru Lora, east of Willemstad. The Paso Fino horses are incredibly smooth, yet spirited. 

Hiking & Biking

For those who wish to do something active during their
stay, the Christoffelberg hiking tour is a true adventure.
The Christoffelberg, also known as Mt. St. Christoffel,
was named after the explorer Christopher Colombus.

Off Road

Rugged mountain terrain and hidden treasures, create the perfect setting for an off-road  adventure. Drive your own ATV through rough trails full of surprises and new adventures.


Live the Lifestyle


Looking for Lifestyle Options? When considering Curacao as a place to live or retire, the knowledge we share will help you to create a plan, and we’ll connect you with useful lifestyle services and property choices.


Many consider Curacao for their retirement home. With recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and a modern infrastructure, stable electrical grid and high-speed internet.


Variety of lifestyles, from resorts, condos and other full-time housing—it’s a perfect place for those seeking an “always on vacation” lifestyle. Curacao has everything you need and more, affordability, healthcare, safety, culture and cuisine.

Real Estate

Finding the Right Investment

Real Estate

Opportunities for real estate investment exist in Curacao for interested entrepreneurs. Beachfront and ocean view homes, condos, apartments and vacant land provide the opportunity to entrepreneurs looking for good investments in this up and coming area.

Beach Houses

It is always a wonderful idea to set up villas, apartments, and other residential units in the vicinity of a stunning ocean, pristine beaches, and picturesque lagoons. The attractiveness of Curacao has always been a magnet that attracts buyers and tenants at any time of the year.


Experience the Culture


The culture of Curaçao lends itself to many backgrounds, home to Afro-Caribbean, Dutch, French, Latin American, Asian and Jewish. The languages spoken on the island are Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, and English.


Every destination has at least one ultimate souvenir, something that represents the country and its culture. In Curacao, that souvenir is ChiChi – a voluptuous island woman whose name means big sister.


Enjoy the Food & Drink 

Food & Drink

Curacao is well known for its varieties of regional and national food and drink. From street food to exquisite culinary delights, paired with wine, beer and rum with long histories and international reputations.

Curaçao Liqueur

Everyone knows Blue Curaçao. Senior Liqueur offers premium craft Curaçao Liqueurs that originated on the island and are still made in Curaçao. The Senior Liqueur is made of real Laraha peels that can only grow on the island.


Amstel Bright represents the island vibe. The beer has a light and fresh taste which is perfect for laid-back moments. Brion is named after Curaçao-born admiral Pedro Luis Brion that fought many battles for freedom and human rights. 

Where to Stay

Find the Right Resort


Curacao is a perennial favorite among travelers. With a variety of beach options, rich heritage and fantastic food, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that’s got more to offer within such easy reach of most travelers.


With gorgeous beaches and the Caribbean out your front door, Curacao is the perfect vacation destination for those looking for relaxing fun in the sun. Soak in the sunshine, go for a beverage tasting, spa treatment or fill your day with outdoor adventures.

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